Male Pattern Baldness Cure

In this article we will be discussing male pattern baldness cure, Androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia (AGA), commonly known as male pattern baldness, is a kind of hair thinning that occurs in most adult men. In this condition, hair loss occurs in a pattern and almost half of the world’s grown-up male population may experience male pattern baldness by the age of 40.

Using 100% natural remedies is one way to manage male pattern hair loss. Here are 100% natural treatments to address male pattern baldness.

Essential Oils

Utilizing essential oils in mix with carrier oils is a reliable technique to deal with male pattern baldness.

Aromatherapy is thought about as a secure as well as effective therapy for this condition. In a detailed study, patients with male pattern baldness rubbed their scalp using a blend of important oils (thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood) with carrier oils ( grape seed &jojoba oils).Treatment with these essential oils was significantly more effective than treatment administered with the carrier oil alone.

Coconut Milk And Oil

An effective natural home remedy to treat male pattern baldness and prevent loss of hair on the scalp is to on a regular basis use coconut milk on the scalp.

Carefully massage a combination of 20 ml of coconut oil, 10 ml of amla oil and also a couple of tsps of lemon juice on the scalp and wipe it off after 20 minutes. This effectively recovers the scalp and avoids dandruff, consequently lowering hair loss. Utilizing coconut milk on a regular basis on the scalp gives the needed all-natural nourishment for the hair and also hair tissues.

Onion And Garlic Extracts

Juice extracts from onions and gel extracts from garlic have a significant result in hair re-growth amongst individuals with male pattern baldness.

In a recent research study, re-growth of terminal rugged hair started after 2 weeks of treatment with unrefined onion juice. The study disclosed that using crude onion juice revealed substantially greater outcomes when it comes to hair re-growth which it could be an efficient topical treatment. Not just onion extracts, also garlic gel remove significantly included in the healing efficiency of topical betamethasone valerate in alopecia areata, which shows that it can be a reliable adjunctive topical treatment for male pattern baldness.

Egg Massage

Eggs are an abundant source of protein, which is a vital ingredient to keep the hair thick and strong.

Beat a number of eggs and carefully massage it on the scalp. Allow it to remain on the scalp for 15 minutes and afterwards wash it with warm water. Egg yolk is filled with protein, vitamins, and also fatty acids. Egg yolk is additionally known to include high levels of vitamins like A, D, and E. These vitamins advertise hair growth and prevent hair loss. Vitamin A boosts natural hair development by creating the oily sebum in the scalp and consequently, protects against male baldness. Blending a few decreases of olive oil with the egg helps in making the hair soft as well as strong.

Henna Leaves

In India, henna leaves have actually been used for ages to deal with hair loss.


Henna is a natural herbal powder widely used for tinting hair. It is additionally an effective option to protect against dandruff and also to nurture the scalp and hair. Henna is an excellent conditioner for the hair as well as enhances hair development. Applying henna frequently is understood to enhance the hair, thus lowering hair fall. Boil a handful of henna leaves in some mustard oil. After it cools, strain the oil and blend it with coconut oil. Apply this blend on your scalp and hair two times or thrice a week for effective relieve of male pattern baldness.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a tiny palm native to the subtropical Southeastern USA. Saw palmetto, an all-natural herb, is a blocker of DHT as well as is an outstanding natural treatment for male pattern baldness. Its fruit essences called as saw palmetto remove are rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, due to which it has been made use of in conventional and also alternative medicine to deal with a selection of problems. In one certain research study, the remove of this plant was utilized to treat male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is defined by the structural miniaturization of androgen-sensitive hair roots in susceptible people and is anatomically defined within a given pattern of the scalp. This research establishes the efficiency of normally occurring 5AR prevention existing in saw palmetto essence in treating male pattern baldness.

Cinnamon And Olive Oil

A mixture of olive oil and also cinnamon powder makes a reliable solution for male pattern baldness.

Include a few teaspoons of cinnamon powder to a cup of olive oil. Mix it well and make it into a paste. Apply this paste on the scalp as well as leave it on for an hour before washing off. Regular application of this paste can be helpful in managing male pattern baldness.

In conclusion we have included some remedies you can use for male pattern baldness cure, and in future articles we will be coming up with more ways to help you keep your hair on your head.


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