How to treat thinning hair-6 of the world’s effective remedies for thinning hair

Hi guys in this article I will be talking about ” how to treat thinning hair”, and in particular I will be including six effective remedies which should help you in your quest for better hair.

Long before the arrival of chemical or surgical hair remediation– people all over the world have been making use of natural treatments to maintain as well as nourish their scalp and keep their hair thick and healthy. There are around 24 or more causes for loss of hair and also hair thinning, consisting of (but not restricted to) stress, skin infection, drugs, age, genetics, and sudden modification in diet plan. Whatever your symptoms might be, the solutions in this article when used on a regular basis could aid you to regrow, or thicken, your hair.

1. Egg whites

Eggs are abundant in healthy protein, sulfur, zinc, iron, as well as selenium– every one of these are very important for our bodies to grow new hair. Additionally, extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful natural oil high in Vitamin E typically utilized for well-rounded skin health. One egg white combined vigorously with one teaspoon of olive oil develops a fantastic all-natural scalp treatment that can assist to reduce hair-loss by nourishing the scalp, as well as increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to the hair follicles.

2. Onion juice

While you might initially wince at the concept of applying onion juice to your scalp– or on any other part of your body for that matter– think about this, that it is one of the most effective all-natural treatments for combating hair loss. Onions are packed full of sulfur which stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. Absence of collagen is among the biggest sources of thinning hair, so do not hesitate to use onions in your hair growth treatment.
Onion juice recipe;


  • One onion
  • One cup of water
  • A blender or a juicer
  • Cheese cloth or a straining tool

If you do not want to juice the onions yourself,you can always buy a bottle of onion juice that is already juiced and ready  to go.


  1. Cut the onions into small pieces to make them blend easy.
  2. Put the cut onions in the blender with some water.
  3. Start blending, and keep adding water if the mixture becomes too thick.
  4. Pour the blended onion juice in to the strainer to separate the onion puree from the juice.
  5. Throw away the puree, and apply the juice to the part were the hairs are thinning, and leave for about 30 minutes.
  6. Wash the juice from your hair with a good quality shampoo or conditioner.

Repeating this procedure twice a week will be most beneficial.

3. Protein rich diet

A diet regime high in protein helps the body to synthesize keratin, the essential architectural element of hair, skin, and also nails. To fight hair loss and also help new healthy growth, add protein-rich foods such as fowl, fish, lean beef, eggs, soy, yogurt, and also nuts to your once a week shopping list.

4. coconut milk

Coconut milk is an unbelievable root of protein and also necessary fats that help prevent loss of hair and baldness. It likewise improves hair development. This makes clear why various superb hair treatment manufacturers include this ingredient in their hair items.

  •  You can use coconut milk on your hair by grinding the white piece of coconut and also blend it with water.
  •  Bring the water to a stew for a couple of minutes.
  •  Strain it and gather coconut drain and allow it to cool down at room temperature.
  • Use the milk on your scalp with the aid of some cotton balls.
  •  Allow the coconut milk to set on your hair for around one hour before cleaning your hair with a moderate cleanser.

5. Castor oil

Castor oil brings back hair thickness and growth while protecting against hair loss given that it is high in vitamin E and fatty acid material.

  • Mix equal parts of castor and coconut oils.
  •  Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp,
  •  thoroughly massage your head in circular motions.
  •  Make use of a teaser comb to distribute the oils throughout the hair then cover your hair with a warm towel.
  •  Let the oils permeate inside the hair for a minimum of one hour before shampooing it.

This method should be followed once a week for thicker hair 

6. Biotin for hair loss

When it comes to including vitamins and supplements right into your life as component of a hair loss prevention strategy, anything in the vitamin B family could assist a lot.

  • Biotin is found in a number of foods such as carrots, liver, yeast, bananas– primarily in low concentrations. The ordinary American grownup eats 40ug daily in their day-to-day diet plan, which falls within daily recommended requirements .
  • Biotin is a Vitamin B complex, which indicates it could play an essential role in working through your hair loss by using a much more all-natural approach.
  • Signs and symptoms of Biotin shortage include decreased hunger, dermatitis, achromotrichia (loss of pigment in hair), and also alopecia (loss of hair).
  • Obtaining the proper nourishment is important to appropriate hair development to enable the conversion of protein right into hair shafts. Biotin aids with this, and is essential for metabolism of fats, cell development as well as amino acids.
  • Whether you amp up your all-natural nutritional consumption or discover means to add Biotin supplements, you need to maintain your Biotin levels. As a matter of fact, if you do not obtain sufficient biotin you can eventually shed your eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Want to make use of biotin for hair loss? Here are some dietary resources to consider:


cauliflower, whole grains, soybeans, bananas, black-eyed pea, mushrooms, sardines, nut butter and beans. These do not contain high degrees of            biotin.While raw eggs are necessary resources of biotin, it is very important to keep in mind that egg whites also include avidin, a healthy protein          which binds biotin and also makes the vitamin unavailable for absorption. Consequently, raw egg yolks are the recommended resource of biotin.


Food sources abundant in biotin include peanuts, liver, some vegetables, Swiss chard, cooked eggs and raw egg yolks.

So there you have it guys, now you know how to treat your thinning hair, if you are suffering from thinning hair,I hope you will implement some or all of the remedies mentioned. As always guys hope you enjoyed this article and found it very informative please do leave a comment or any other advice that you would like to share on this topic so that everyone can benefit from this.


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  1. At the age of 51 I am definitely glad I found this article. I have not seen or heard of any of these treatments before so I appreciate it.

    Since I live in the Philippines, I am leaning towards trying the coconut milk because it is so readily accessible here.

    Is there any one of these remedies that you feel are more effective than the others based on input from other users? Thanks for sharing.

    • hi Nate, thanks for your comment,i am inclined towards the castor oil because someone i knew benefited very much from this,then again everyone is different and everyone has different diets,so i would test each remedies for about 3-4 weeks and find out which one works for me.

  2. HI there!

    is there a certain point after all what you recommend is not helping anymore? My dad is looking for something but he lost quite a bit already. What would you recommend? He´s 64.

    Thanks very much

    • Hi Manny if i was your dad i would start with no.1 recommendation for about 3-4 weeks,if that helps good,if not go no.2 again for about 3-4 weeks,one of these remedies are sure to work.i hope he gets his hair back soon.

  3. Wow, that is great news. I am getting a bit worried about my hair nowadays. I will try the coconut treatment due to having loads of cheap coconuts here. Thanks for the information.

  4. Hey Hamid, great information! Never heard of most of your remedies to be honest, but they are worth giving a try. I am going to make my dad very happy with this, haha. Thanks for the extensive article!

  5. I have used biotin before, but haven’t heard of this other treatments. Who would of thought that you could use egg, onions, or coconuts to help with hair loss. Great article.

  6. this very helpful as I am losing hair right now .. i will give it a try to see.

    thank you for shearing!

  7. Hamid, thanks for your informative article. I had honestly never heard about your suggested treatments for hair loss. They are definitely worth a try. I just wondered how you apply egg whites to your scalp. And now I remember that my mom used to wash my hair with eggs and shampoo when I was a small kid. I just recall her saying that it was for me to have healthy hair. No idea if it worked or not, but it must have had some effect since you mention it here as well.

    Thanks again,

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