How To Regrow Hair In Men- And Get Your Confidence Back

Hi guys, I will be talking a bit about how to regrow hair in men, and in this post I want to talk you through a study that was conducted at the university of southern California which experimented on mice and found that if 200 hairs were plucked they grow back 6 times as many.

At the end of the article I also wanted to go through a bit about nutrients, and how food plays a part in our hair loss, also wanted to identify which foods are good as far as hair growth is involved.

A cure for baldness-what a bold claim by scientists

Men who have experienced hair loss will be pleased to know that scientists have come up with a way to regrow hair in men or women-or so they claim.

In a series of experiments that were conducted by American scientists they were astonished to find that when they plucked 200 hairs from mice, upto 6 times as much regrew.

Although this seems an odd and painful way of regrowing hair, the scientists at southern California university say this will lead to new ways to cure baldness.

Have scientists really found a cure for baldness, or is it a load of codswallop ?

Thousands of men around the globe suffer from pattern baldness, thinning of hair or full-blown baldness and some of these guys are as young as 17.

Millions of women also suffer from hair thinning and experts think they have found a cure for this, although women tend to suffer psychologically more than men.

Experimenting on mice the scientists marked out patches of fur of different sizes in mice and plucked out 200 hair from each.

After about 4 weeks they looked at how much hair had regrown.

What they found was that if they plucked from a small area where the hair were tightly packed, a double number of hair grew back.

After conducting further experiments the researchers came to the conclusion that when you pluck hair, this in turn triggers a chemical distress signal that alerts the surrounding cells to start growing.

If you are thinking about plucking your hair, take note the hairs in the mice were plucked one at a time.
There is no certainty that your hair will grow back, the chemical signal got to be just right for this to happen.

If hairs are taken from a large area then the signal is weakened and no hairs are grown back, and if the area is too small only the hair that were plucked regrow no extra hair grow.

At least for mice the best results were achieved when 200 hairs were plucked.

As this was achieved with mice, unfortunately we are a long way off achieving the same results in humans. More practical steps can be taken to help you regrow hair. One of the main natural step is our diet.


Can we really reverse baldness with nutrients ?

The biggest cause of hair loss is bad eating habits, so change your eating habits, eat 15% of your calories from protein,55 65% should come from carbohydrates and the rest approximately 25% from fat sources, this is based on research conducted by Staci Nix in her book “Williams, basic nutrition and diet therapy”. This exact balance will provide your body with the exact protein, carbs and fats to help you in your hair regrowth.

You can find protein in fish, low fat dairy products, nuts and soy. Carbohydrates can be found in fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain, fats should come from plant and vegetable sources not from animal.

Your hairstyle needs to change, styles that require you to pull your hair tight such as buns, ponytails and braids should be avoided, these styles cause stress and pressure on the hair shafts and follicles often causing hair to fall out, always allow your hair to air-dry after a wash rather than machine dry.

Benefits of green tea

Drink plenty of green tea, green tea will potentially reduce the amount of DHT (dilydrotestostorone) produced by the body.

A study was published in the ” journal of the medical association” which outlined that DHT may be one of the leading causes of hair loss amongst both sexes. To grow your hair to the max drink at least three cups of green tea daily.

Massage your way to great hair

In my opinion the most important advice I can give you how to regrow hair in men or women for that matter is to give your-self a scalp massage daily, when the head is massaged blood is increased to the hair follicles, this in turn gives more nutrients to your hair, decreases stress levels and improves the strength of the roots of the hair.

Things for hair regrowth ;

Lean meat



Fresh fruit and vegetables

Green tea





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