How to reduce stress naturally

Hi guys, in this article we will be talking about how to reduce stress naturally.

We will be talking about all the different ways that stress can be reduced totally naturally so in turn this can help us in our quest for hair regrowth.

Sleep is key

Not getting enough sleep contributes towards stress both physically and mentally, lack of sleep can affect your diet, work performance and your overall mood, which could lead to stress related hair loss.

  • Try to get a regular 7-8 hours of sleep per night, improve your sleep by having a set time, where you sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Avoid doing anything too physical before bed, stay away from bright lights such as your laptop or phone, and don’t over eat before bed time, to relax yourself you could take a bath or read a book.

Eat healthier

If you avoid junk food and eat healthier this will give your body more energy, enabling it to better cope with stress, good diet also makes your hair grow strong.

  • You should be aim at eating at least three meal;s per day that are well-balanced, try to avoid skipping breakfast as this meal kick-starts your metabolism in the morning, breakfast also helps to prevent cravings for junk food before lunch.
  • Processed, sugary foods and those high in trans fats are a big no no stay away from these, instead eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain, lean protein and foods high in mono saturated fats, such as avocados, oily fish, nuts and olives.
  • Try to consume more vitamins and minerals such as B’s,A’s,C’s, E’s,zinc,selenium, and magnesium which contribute towards strong hair growth are good for your all round health, they also keep your scalp healthy.


If you want to alleviate emotional stress, then hit the gym, when you exercise your body will release endorphins, also known as happy hormones-which will put you in a calmer and relaxed mood.

  • There are 100’s of exercises that you can do, but try to do the ones that you enjoy the most, because the more you enjoy it the longer you will stick at it, anything that gets your heart pumping and puts a smile on your face is good, the key here is enjoyment.
  • Yoga and meditation have been proven to effectively reduce stress levels, so it is a very good idea to incorporate them in your routine. Alternatively you can practice meditation in any place where you can shut out the outside world and have peace and quite where you can focus on clearing your mind from the everyday stresses

Make an appointment with a therapist.

If you bottle everything up and don’t talk about your feelings then emotional stress can multiply over time, therefore with a therapist could be very therapeutic and do wonders for your stress relief

  • If you are not up to speaking to a therapist then at least talk to a close friend or a family member, if they really care for you they’ll be more than happy to lend a sympathetic ear.
  • Talking to friends and family will make you realize that you have got a strong support network around you with people who care for you.

Patience is a virtue-so use it

After a major psychological change  to your body  be patient.

Changes such as giving birth, illness, accident or surgery can be very traumatic on the body, even if mentally you are on top of things, that’s why hair continue to fall three to six months after a major physical trauma.

  • If your hair do start to fall after a major trauma remember the trauma has already taken place, and there’s little you can do to reverse it.
  • The only outcome is let your body recover, once your body recovers so should your hair.

Check your medication

There are a number of medications that have active ingredients that promote hair loss which make stress related hair loss far worse.

  • The blood thinning and blood pressure tablets are the worse culprits, others that may have an affect are methotrexate lithium ( for bi- polar disorder) and some non steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
  • If you are on these medications and you think they are causing you to lose your hair, then please consult your doctor so he can advise you to either lower the dosage or completely switch medication.


So in conclusion in this article we have gone through the things that reduce stress, from sleeping well to eating healthy.

Then we covered how exercising can relieve stress, we found out talking to a close relative or a friend is most helpful, getting help from a professional is also very helpful, we also need to look at the medication that we take as they can have ingredients that are detrimental to our stressful hair loss, last but not the least patience is a virtue, we need to be patient as far as hair growth is concerned as it will take time for your hair to grow back. I hope you found this article helpful and informative, i hope you read other articles on this site which are also very informative.


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