How to prevent hair from falling out-10 things that are sure to work

Hi guys in this article I will be talking about how to prevent hair from falling out,I will also be listing 10 things that will help you keep your hair in tip-top condition.

Nearly everybody at some point in their life things that their hair is falling out, most of the time it is just a false alarm, it’s just our routine shedding cycle, but some times it will be an underlying problem. To keep your hair in optimum condition please follow some or all of the following points.

As I discussed previously, the reasons for hair loss are innumerable, and so it becomes important to get to the origin of the trouble. The most effective means to deal with managing the trouble would be to obtain the proper medical diagnosis to begin with. This could be made easier by discovering the locations where thinning is most noticeable and also keeping an eye on how much hair is falling out whenever you brush or shampoo. Speak with a physician to find out whether you have any type of hidden medical concerns causing the hair loss.

1. The right type of comb is essential


Combing your hair can be a problem when you have hair loss issues. This can be simplified using the right comb. Make use of a wooden wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair; you can use your normal brush after this. This will reduce damage as well as loss of hair from pulling. It is also critical to remember not to comb your hair while it is damp. Your hair is at its most susceptible when damp, which raises the chances of breakage. You ought to additionally clean your combs as well as brushes weekly. You can do this while you remain in the shower or while shampooing every week. Cleansing your combs is an important preventative measure to consider when you have hair falling issues .


2. Do you know how to towel dry?

While rubbing your hair with a towel looks like the quickest means to dry it, it is the worst thing that you can do to your hair. Drying your hair aggressively with a towel will certainly cause hair damage, tangles, and also pulling. Instead, carefully squeeze the excess wetness from your hair with your towel then allow it to completely dry naturally.

3. Hair care products should not be chosen randomly

Aim to switch over to hair shampoos that are paraben, silicone, and also sulfate free to prevent loading your scalp and hair with rough chemicals that create damage, making your hair fragile as well as more prone to breakage. Managing the chemical damage is definitely a sure shot means to making sure that your hair stays strong .

A lot of brand names like The Body Shop, Heart Tree, Traditional Art, Organic Rise, and The Nature’s Co. have some great shampoo choices that you could pick from.


4. Style It Right

Do not subject your hair to regular chemical treatments, excessive blow-drying, ironing, as well as coloring, as it can bring about loss of hair. If you tint your hair and have actually been encountering hair loss issues, it would certainly be a good idea to take a time-out before you place any more chemicals in your hair. Prevent hairstyles like limited braids, pigtails or ponytails on a daily basis. Using hair elastics to draw back hair tightly can create hair loss.

5. Treat your hair with natural ingredients

The ingredients from your kitchen could be a great deal of assistance when you are seeking solutions for hair loss. Ingredients like coconut oil, onion, ginger, and so on, have outstanding properties that help promote hair growth.Also, some foods are very important in keeping our hair healthy and shiny, you can read about these in my other article which is called 10 foods that help your hair grow again.

6. Home made hair oil treatments

There has been a lot written on how oiling your hair overnight can make a difference. Well, it holds true. Though you may not like the concept of sticky, oily hair overnight. applying oils like almond, castor, as well as coconut seeds, among others, can assist your hair in the long-term. Leaving your hair oiled overnight offers enough time for each strand to be covered and also for the scalp to get nourished. Dandruff as well as dead cells are loosened by the activity of your fingers massaging your hair the following morning when you shampoo.Again I have dedicated an entire article to hair oils that promote hair growth.

7. Hot oil treatment

You could constantly apply oil an hour before bathing if you are not keen on the idea of oiling your hair overnight. Due to the fact that they could penetrate into the pores of the scalp extra quickly as well as enhances the circulation of blood in the location, warm oils are preferred. Follow the actions here to provide yourself a hot oil treatment.

You Will Need

  • 2 tbsp Carrier Oil (Use an oil of your choice. You can also use hair oil blends)
  • Hot Towel

Processing Time

45 minutes- 1 hour

  1. Pour two tbsp s of your chosen oil into a dish heat it for a few seconds till slightly warm.
  2. Dip your fingers right into this bowl and start to massage the oil right into your scalp.
  3. Work on your head with a good scalp massage for about 15 mins until your entire scalp is covered in the oil.
  4. Work the oil all over your head, make sure to massage it right down from the root to the tips of your hair.
  5. Leave the oil in your hair for an additional 30-45 mins. Wrap your hair with a warm towel.
  6. Then wash the oil out with your prefered shampoo.


8. Salon Treatments

Numerous salons provide hair spa therapies that are their to strengthen, condition, and nourish your hair. These treatments are ideal for ladies who are busy and stressed. Not only does the treatment enhance hair health and wellness, it is also the perfect way to loosen up and also de-stress. Listed here are the advantages of a hair day spa treatment.

  • It helps strengthen the hair roots and renews the scalp, producing a perfect atmosphere for unhindered hair development.
  • It stops scalp aging and also enhances the blood circulation in the scalp with a boosting massage therapy.
  • It additionally helps remove contamination from your hair as well as scalp, preventing clogging, resulting in better hair wellness.
  • The hair spa therapy brings a welcome relief from stress and tension.

9. Taking supplements

There are several hair growth supplements on the market that help in the thickness of hair and also prevent hair fall. Also, particular vitamin supplements go a long method in enhancing the health and wellness and volume of your hair. Nonetheless, do not start taking any kind of supplements without getting in touch with a medical care specialist first. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is among the most effective, FDA-approved as well as frequently prescribed medicines from medical professionals worldwide for apprehending hair loss as well as dealing with alopecia-related troubles.


10. Exercise & yoga

You would certainly be stunned at how much stress could add towards hair fall. Nothing alleviates stress as well as exercise does. Routine workout like yoga could go a long way in decreasing anxiety and aiding hair fall. Actually, their are specific yoga exercises that particularly target decreasing hair fall.

Again I have covered this topic how to reduce stress naturally in another informative article of mine.

There you have it guys we have covered how to prevent hair from falling out, as always hope you have found this article both interesting and informative, and I will really appreciated it if you can comment below and perhaps give your opinions on prevention of hair loss, as this benefits all who read this article.

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  1. Good well thought out content. 10 points indicate knowledge of your subject. I related to the information about the use of combs instead of a brush to untangle hair after washing. I have always used a only a brush. Maybe that explains the bald spot on the back of my head! LOL!

  2. Very informative article, and I do plan on using the oil treatment at night for awhile to see if that will make my hair a little healthier.

  3. I’m right there with you on the towel drying and lack of blow dryers. And hot oil treatments do wonders. People, especially women, are REALLY rough on their hair and this is a good resource for new habits to protect our hair.

  4. Good tips for me.
    I am interested in “10 foods that help your hair grow again” in another article.
    I mom uses beer to colour her hair.
    Is it healthy for her?

    • Beer has been used by some women to help make their hair fuller and thicker however it does not help new hair to grow but rather helps with existing hair,i think the most famous person i know that uses beer for her hair is Catherine Zeta Jones.

  5. What a great post, I was unaware that so many different aspects contributed to hair loss. I had quite a bit of hair loss after having my son. This is a normal aspect of childbirth, but I definitely found that making time to meditate and relax helped my hair immensely. I have a friend who’s hair went grey after suffering a loss in the family so I completely agree that stress affects hair immensely.
    A great read, definitely will be taking more care with what I put on my hair.

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