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Hi guys in this article I will be writing a Dyson supersonic hair dryer review,I will try to make this article interesting informative above all balanced,I hope you will enjoy it.



Dyson supersonic product overview

  • Aids you in preserving shinier hair- consistent regulated temperature that helps your hair become more shinier.
  • Air multiplier technology -the Dyson Supersonic uses Air Multiplier technology and also a powerful digital motor to give you an air blast so powerful you will think a gale force has hit you,this in turn will dry your hair in  super fast time so you can spend  less time drying your hair and more time getting ready to head out or go to work
  • The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer avoids permanent damages to your hair- Because temperatures over 150 levels could create micro pores, the hai rdryer will not over-heat your hair as you dry, helping to get even surfaces for higher shine.
  • Acoustically tuned– Since it’s acoustically tuned, the hair dryer does not shake as much as basic models, so it sounds much quieter also has less vibration.
  • A one-of-a-kind motor-the Dyson Supersonic includes a motor tiny enough to fit in its handle- so it’s lighter as well, and a lot more comfy to use.
  • Smoothing nozzle and  accessories– Utilize the smoothing nozzle to completely dry as well as design in one go.
  • Sculpt your hair like the professionals-it provides a gentle, low-force air movement to assist you in sculpting your hair like the professionals.
  • Make the most of other styling accessories– to look your best,accessories are included consisting of a concentrator and also a diffuser. When you’re done the hang up loop helps in easy storage, a non-slip mat is also included.

It’s an expensive hair dryer, but the benefits to your hair are unbelievable

If you need a quick blast of warm air to dry your hair after a shower or a swim then you should go for the cheap standard hair dryer, on the other hand if you want to create complex hair styles and you do not want to break or damage your hair then the Dyson supersonic hair dryer is definitely for you.

When you do purchase a Dyson hair dryer, you are not just purchasing the up to date technology and design, but a statement, it is like buying a lamborghini with it’s slick design and power.

But caring for your hair and making it look good is a serious business, and investing your money in a Dyson is a brilliant investment, considering you have a 5 years parts and labor guarantee.

Yet if your someone with difficult hair, or just somebody who uses a hair dryer on a daily basis, it is not that crazy to invest in a Dyson hair dryer. We look at 7 main benefits to a Dyson hair dryer compared to many other cheap hair dryers.


 1. 4 heat settings as well as 3 fan settings, There are four heat settings as well as three fan settings, and the dryer features 3 compatible nozzles: A diffuser, a smoothing nozzle, as well as a concentrator, every one of which snap on with magnets, the Dyson itself is constructed out of a soft-to-the-touch material that looks glamorous.

   2. Full power from the get go, When you switch it on, you’re right away hit with the full blast of the air, when you shut it off, it’s instantly silent. The Supersonic has 1,600 watts of power and also an air flow of 85 cubic feet per minute (To give you some viewpoint, a typical Shop-Vac runs at 120 CFM. This thing is very powerful).

   3. A dryer and straightener all in one, the most essential features of the Dyson are its speed and precision. Because it’s so effective, it would dry your hair in about 5 minutes or less.If you attach the concentrator at the end of the Dyson this will turn the narrow opening in to a dryer and a straightening iron all rolled in to one.

   4. The Dyson automatically remembers last used settings, these are indicated by the white and red LED lights on either side of the Dyson.

   5. 13 blades instead of 11,its 13 internal impeller blades can whip up to 41 liters of air per second, which, on the maximum power setting, feels like a gale-force wind blowing in your face – something that most hair dryers can only dream of. Dyson also uses a rubber mount between the handle and the motor to reduce vibration.

   6. It’s very quiet,although it has all that power,you will be surprised at how quiet it is, it still makes some noise but you will be surprised at how little noise it makes.

   7. Intelligent heat control system, with other dryers on the market there is no heat control,so you could effectively be heating your hair up to 150 degrees, this in turn will damage your hair,Dyson’s intelligent heat control system measures the airflow temperature and relays this back to the microprocessors up to 20 times per second, if it starts to get too hot the system will cool it down, which means the airflow will never exceed certain temperature, so  even if you put the heat on max it will stay at a constant temperature, rather than going up or down. Even the “no heat” option is set at a constant 28 degrees.


There you have it guys my first review, I hope you found it interesting and informative, the only negative points that I should mention are obviously the price but again I think the benefits out weigh that, also you have got a 5-year parts and labor guarantee for your peace of mind, the other thing was that because its not a traditional dryer and the design is a bit different at first when you use it, it will feel odd.

Again guys love to hear your reviews and thoughts about the Dyson supersonic hair dryer, so that everyone can benefit.

Below I just want to add some reviews and comments people have been leaving on other sites.

“Very impressed! Definitely worth the money. You can feel the difference straight away. Very gentle and protective to your hair”. MILA

“This dryer unbelievable till you have used it, has made the best birthday present for my wife for years”: Jonathan Smith Southampton


“Wife loves it, so it has to be good. Light and easy to use” ALAN

hamid hussain


  1. That’s so cool but strange at the same time haha. I never thought that technology would get so advanced that we’d have things like this. I don’t have too much hair to be honest, but I can see this being a major benefit to people concerned with maintaining hair health. I mean being able to not only save time by drying faster, but also making sure to not really scorch your hair either is a major win in my book. I can definitely see that product picking up steam.

  2. Hello, am an African and a natural hair enthusiast. I have been growing out my natural hair for 3 years now. I currently have a Phillips ionic dryer. I love it, it works pretty well but the Dyson seems to have a lot more features. Will it work as good on my natural African hair? Thanks

  3. This looks like a great hair dryer. So compact and powerful with great reviews. Thanks for sharing this, its on my shopping list.

  4. Hi Hamid, interesting product you shared there =) I am glad I read about it. Our family owns a traditional hairdryer but reading this with all its advantages makes us want to have one. The old hairdryer tends to make hair literally “dry”. With this, it will keep it healthy. That for us is the biggest advantage. Thanks for this review. My wife and I appreciate it very much =) We will definitely consider having one.

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