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Hi guys,

If you’re are a middle-aged guy or even a gal looking for some help in the hair department then you have definitely come to the right place…….

hair-regrowth4u.com is an online resource center run by me HamidH.


As I hit my 30’s I noticed my hairline shrinking and my hair thinning out, then in my 40’s my hairline definitely shrank a lot and I started getting a bald patch…………..this in turn hit my self-confident deeply.

These days I continue to struggle with hair-loss and thinning issues for this reason I’m devoting this blog to really understand why we lose hair. I will also be looking at ways to prevent this.


In this site I will be sharing with you products and techniques which will help you to improve your hairline…………weather you suffer from pattern baldness ,your hair is thinning or you are losing your hair altogether, we are all in it together and we are here to help!

I will be discovery explanations- such as what does too much estrogen do to my hair or what diet will improve my hair quality, we will be discussing things that no doctor has suggested to me before.

I hope through this site I can help you address your own hair issues.

maybe give you some advice or just reassure you knowing that you are not the only person with these kinds of issues…..there’s a whole community of us .

We are still in the infancy of this site, but will be adding new and exciting articles really soon, so check often back for updates, You may also like to join our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news.

Please also feel free to leave helpful comments or suggestions so other people can get benefit from this.

with the warmest wishes,




hamid hussain

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